Cinderella Is Not The Only One Who Can Have A Happy Ever After

The following blog is meant to be a word of encouragement for those who have a dream but cannot find the strength to hold on to that goal. You are not alone.

Cinderella Is Not The Only One Who Can Have A Happy Ever After by Michael Terry

Whether the setting takes place in an enchanted castle or right beside the pond where the frog kisses the princess, every good fairytale always begins with four magical words “Once upon a time…” And be these words plain and simple as they may, they carry an elaborate cast of characters in its play. For example, the damsel in distress who eagerly awaits for her prince to come. Or what about the hero who single-handedly defeats the fire-breathing dragon. And let us not forget the villanous aristocrat who is always causing mischief. Yes, every good fairytale contains these wonderful elements, but in my mind there is a fourth element I forgot to mention, the dream. The dream is like the star that kids wish upon at night. As Peter Pan says “[i]t’s the second one to the right.”

So I guess my story is somewhat similar. You could peg God and Satan to be the hero and villain in my play, if you may, but do not peg me to be the damsel in distress because I am not a girl. And, no my story does not begin in an enchanted castle neither does it start under the sea with a little mermaid. My story begins in the heart of Tennessee; in the country. Where the summers were always joyous as my siblings and I would run through the endless fields of green grass. The fresh smell of wild flowers filled our noses as we played; until eventually, we became so tired, we would spin around and around then fall on the ground.

For the most part nothing was wrong and every day always had some type of adventure. However, in my perfect utopia, there came a point in time where I decided to try something different. With my mind made up, I decided to play basketball. My parents were athletes and I wanted to be the same.

By age four I began the sport. At age ten I was already in the national basketball tournaments in the United States. And in middle school, I was playing high school seniors. This was great except I played basketball all the time and wanted to quit. It wasn’t something fun to do anymore. Instead, my passion felt like a chore. Next came tennis but questions still lingered in my mind. “What is your anointing; what is your dream?” Little did I know the second part of my fairytale had just began.

Throughout high school, I was told that I should be a model. Whenever I heard this I would laugh because when I looked into the mirror I questioned him “[m]irror, mirror on the wall. [w] ho is the fairest one of all?” I never thought he said me. Nonetheless as time passed, I began to respect myself and realize I am someone special. God took his time to make me and there is no other me in the world. It was here that I realized, gosh, I could be a model. So the fight for my dream began.

To this day, I am fighting for that my dream of modeling becomes a complete reality. I know people say that it is a hard industry to get into but I don’t care because it is my dream. It is not their’s. I mean, honestly I hear them but I want to at least shoot for the sun. Who knows, I might just hit the moon. And if I give up, I might not ever know what could have been. I don’t want to quit fighting because somewhere down the road I might be changed. Like I said, I’m not a girl but Cinderella cannot steal all the fame for having a happy ever after. I want my fairytale to end the same way.

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